Detailed Structure Of Pork Slicer

Pork slicer is an indispensable device in restaurants, rice shops, pho shops or food processing areas of supermarkets and pig slaughtering facilities. Although quite popular, exploring the structure of the machine and its features is not necessarily understood.

The Pork Slicing Machine is the result of careful research and application in life, the pork slicer was born a real “effective assistant” and indispensable for chefs. And of course, to get that result, it is impossible to ignore the combination of the components.

Pork Slicing Machine Parts

304 . Stainless Steel Construction

304 stainless steel is the most prominent material in machinery applications with its corrosion resistance. Therefore, the product delivered to customers will be extremely sturdy, sure, bringing durability up to 10 years. At the same time, 304 stainless steel also conforms to food hygiene standards.

Meat Tray Part Design

The support tray of the meat slicer is usually made suitable for supporting the sliced ​​meat. Specifically, the support tray is designed in a wavy shape, helping to keep the ingredients more firmly when sliding automatically.

Combined with the support trough is the meat mouthpiece. This unit provides the effect of holding the piece of meat to be sliced, and at the same time pushing the meat more evenly to the blade, helping to cut faster.

Premium Knife Net

The blade is perhaps the most important structure to help create quality, beautiful products. Definitely not letting customers down, the blade of the pork slicer are all imported high-grade blades. They not only bring firmness and durability but are also very sharp so that the meat is evenly sliced, beautiful and attractive, can be displayed on a plate for immediate use for hot pot, grilled, dipped or pan-fried dishes.

Other Details

In addition to the above outstanding structural points, the meat slicers also possess:

Powerful 100% copper core motor, providing many times more durable operation than aluminum core motor


  • Owning eye-catching design, diverse functions, competitive price
  • There is an On/Off button on the side, safe to use
  • Compact size, easy to move, easy to maintain

Different from other products on the market, these pork slicer Imported and distributed by Phu Thinh Machine Technology is the choice that you cannot ignore. If you are in need of a genuine, quality product, do not hesitate to contact us to enjoy a genuine 1-year warranty with spare parts!

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